Colourful Family

I thought I would give you all a little bit of background of our colourful family…

I was born and bred in the lovely Jacaranda City, Pretoria in South Africa myself being diagnosed with ADHD & SPD. After being in the cyber security industry for 22 years, I have found myself handing in my office job for the best job in the world… Teaching my lovely children and advocating for natural medicine and courageous parenting!! I’ve never been that good with writing, (haha – that is an understatement!!!) but always been a bit of a social butterfly. I am a people lover and I adore children. I would have had 10 if I could!!! I always wanted to have a HUGE family and so I did have four beautiful very spirited and very different children that surprises me every day with their bravery!!

Chess King was born in England one very, very cold winter twelve years ago. Since birth he was a very sensitive child in every way! He was finally diagnosed with ASD, ADHD & SPD when he was 7 y/o.

Harry Potter was born in Pretoria the Autumn, about three months after we moved to South Africa, with an intention of two years, which became five. He was a textbook baby. All his growth spurts were right on time. He is definitely the joker in the family and a precocious one to say the least. Harry was sadly only diagnosed with ASD & ADD at 9 y/o after masking his difficulties for so many years in prep schools. I tell you, if there was a degree for masking disabilities, our family would be right up there cum laude!

Spider-man was born in the following winter in Pretoria as well. He was without a doubt the angel baby boy. He hardly ever cried and was always smiling at everyone. Little did we know at the time that he was going to bring as much light into our lives. Spidey was diagnosed at 2 y/o with a development delay, ASD, ADHD, PDA & SPD.

Two years later my little missy was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole world, in my humble, completely non-biased opinion 🙂 Missy is one tough cookie!! It is not easy to be born last after 3 Autistic brothers who doesn’t always understand that she is actually a girl! Missy was diagnosed at 6 y/o with a specific language disability, ADHD & SPD.

So now that you know more about us, introduce us to your family so we can all get to know each other better!