Shoes?? Coats?? But Why??

I’m sure every autism parent anywhere in the world will get this!! How our children hate clothes!!!

Since we’ve moved back to South Africa I have found it absolutely hilarious that the kids are just not wearing shoes. It is really quite funny! The last couple of weeks we have had so much rain and it has still been a battle to get my kids out the house. The mere thought of wearing shoes and their coats, has had them up in arms!! They hate shoes, socks, clothes in general. I always have these visions of them as young adults walking around naked because Mum isn’t around to make me get dressed – Hahahaha!!!

Apparently they were not having any of this weather. Spidey piped up and said, Mummy, you said South Africa is sunnier and warmer 😀 Like he was somehow robbed!!

I finally managed to get the four kids in shoes and coats after what felt like an hour, and out of the house, dressed, suited and booted for a walk in the very muddy conditions. We were off on a lovely nature study which they happily did for 7 years in the UK, and when we reached the gate the torrential downpour hit us and the kids, and dogs were not having any of it!

Ah well, so we learn.. Everyday is an adventure.. Note to self: Do not try and oversell other countries when we can travel again someday! You never know what weather is waiting on the other side!

Luckily our gorgeous Labbies took the kids for a run around in the rain instead!! Ah, I love Africa!!