• Sharing is Caring… Say WHAT?!?!
    I never thought that one of my greatest lessons in everyday parenting will still be “sharing” after twelve years. Typically toddlers are quite possessive over, well, anything they touch, or see, or hear…and take a fancy to! They usually do outgrow that stage though. Not my four!!! Spidey & Missy are really good at NOT… Continue reading Sharing is Caring… Say WHAT?!?!
  • Shoes?? Coats?? But Why??
    I’m sure every autism parent anywhere in the world will get this!! How our children hate clothes!!! Since we’ve moved back to South Africa I have found it absolutely hilarious that the kids are just not wearing shoes. It is really quite funny! The last couple of weeks we have had so much rain and… Continue reading Shoes?? Coats?? But Why??
  • Colourful Family
    I thought I would give you all a little bit of background of our colourful family… I was born and bred in the lovely Jacaranda City, Pretoria in South Africa myself being diagnosed with ADHD & SPD. After being in the cyber security industry for 22 years, I have found myself handing in my office… Continue reading Colourful Family

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