Hearing our children’s voices

With living a special needs life ourselves, we understand some of the difficulties that complex special needs brings into our lives. Instead of trying change, we embrace who we are and teach our children positive strategies to go out into the world! We are a community of Mums who support individuals with special needs to heal from trauma & stress through using Trauma & Stress Release Exercises (TRE) and alternative, natural solutions that support behaviour, concentration & sleep issues. We also advocate a gentle, positive approach to teaching and parenting.


What We Do

We provide TRE counselling to special needs families

We advocate for using natural solutions to help support our special needs

We partner with professionals to deliver positive parenting and positive support solutions

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Why You’ll Love Us

We meet our family’s holistic health and wellness needs with natural and positive approaches. I am an ADHD & SPD Mum to four superheroes all with complex special needs including Dyslexia, SPD, ASD, Dyspraxia ADHD & PDA. We have partnered with professionals to deliver positive, natural solutions to our community.

  • Positive parenting advocacy
  • Non-Toxic, plant-based, natural solutions
  • Holistic therapeutic strategies