Supporting Mum & Babies

As with older children, safety first!

The best way to protect a baby’s delicate skin when using essential oils topically is to dilute before application. Diluting an essential oil with a carrier oil like dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil before applying it to your baby’s skin will help reduce the risk of sensitivity.

Essential oils are even safe during pregnancy!!

Essential oils can help maintain a healthy body, support the immune system, soothe feelings of discomfort, and more.* Because of these powerful benefits, essential oils are useful and effective during every phase of life—even pregnancy. By following proper safety guidelines, you can feel confident in using essential oils during pregnancy.

When pregnant, the body goes through a wide variety of changes. These changes often bring feelings of discomfort and sensitivity. While every pregnancy is different, the goal is the same: to support the healthy, proper function of the entire body. Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, essential oils can be used during pregnancy to help support a healthy body and healthy baby. You can also use essential oils during labor and delivery to make it a more pleasant or positive experience.

Here are some our favourites!

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