Supporting Children

Yes!! It is safe to use dōTERRA certified pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils with children. Because children are smaller and more sensitive than adults and are still developing, it is important to understand that the rules of essential oils are different for children than they are for parents. Once you have learned the special safety guidelines required for using essential oils with your children, it is easy to help your kids reap the benefits that oils have to offer. If your child has specific health conditions or concerns, it is always wise to consult with your child’s physician before using essential oils.  

High-quality essential oils are pure, potent, natural, and safe when used properly. As with anything we use on our bodies, there are special safety guidelines that can help us stay within the perimeters of safe use. Even seemingly harmless substances like water can be damaging to the body when used in excess amounts—and essential oils are the same way. As long as you educate yourself about the proper uses, you can safely and effectively use essential oils on yourself and around your family. Just as you wouldn’t allow your child to eat something, drink something, or rub something on their skin without knowing what it is or what it does, the key to safe essential oil usage is to educate yourself.

Always remember that children under the age of 12 should never ingest essential oils. It is best to use diluted essential oils with a good quality carrier oil.

Contact us if you need any guidelines for applying essential oils for your children.

Safety first!

  1. Always supervise children during essential oil usage
  2. Always give a child smaller doses of essential oils than you would give an adult
  3. Dilute essential oils before using them on children to reduce the risk of sensitivity
  4. Avoid sensitive areas during application
  5. Beware of sunlight exposure after topical application of certain oils (particularly with citrus oils)
  6. Children should not take adult supplements without consulting a healthcare professional
  7. Always store essential oils in a safe place, out of the reach of children
  8. Educate yourself as a parent; always read labels and manufacturer recommendations
  9. Consult with your child’s physician before using essential oils, particularly if there are health concerns
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